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2013-Oct-28 - Bangor Air National Guard Base

Bangor Air National Guard Base

The base is the home of the 101st Air Refueling Wing (101 ARW), Maine Air National Guard. The 101 ARW provides 24 hour air and ground refueling for many aircraft whose destination takes them across the Atlantic. As an Air National Guard (ANG) unit, the 101 ARW is operationally gained by the Air Mobility Command (AMC). The wing Mark Ingram Black Jersey participates around the globe supporting USAF contingency operations such as Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. The wing has operated KC135 Stratotanker aircraft since April 1976 and is part of the Northeast Tanker Task Force (NTTF).The Northeast Tanker Task Force plans and executes theair refueling portion of fighter and cargo aircraft movements to and from Europe and Southwest Asia. Ground support services contribute to aircraft movement objectives of the Department of Defense and US Allies. Northeast Airlines began commercial operations in 1931. With the outbreak of World War II, the civil airport was taken over by the United States Army Air Corps and was renamed as Godfrey Army Airfield.[1]Under USAAF control, Godfrey AAF was initially placed under the jurisdiction of the 8th Service Group, Air Service Command. Its initial mission was the maintenance and preparation of LendLease aircraft bound for Great Britain, being transported by AAC Ferrying Command to RCAF Stations in Newfoundland. The civil airport was greatly expanded to include three hardsurfaced 7000foot runways, aligned 01/10 (N/S), 08/26 (NE/SW) and a main (NW/SE) runway aligned 14/32 being constructed along with many hardstands and taxiways for the temporary parking of large numbers of aircraft during their stay at the airfield.[2]In 1942, the station's name was changed to Dow Army Airfield to honor James Frederick Dow. Dow joined the Army Air Corps and was killed in a training accident during the buildup of United States forces before World War II on 17 June 1940. He was killed when the bomber he was flying piloting collided with another near Mitchel Field on Long Island, New York.[1]Due to its proximity to the Air Transport Command (ATC) North Atlantic air ferry route to the United Kingdom, the jurisdiction of Dow Army Airfield was transferred to Air Service Command (ASC) on 28 February 1942. Its mission became the servicing of long range B17 Flying Fortress and, later, B24 Liberator heavy bombers and other combat aircraft prior to the aircraft being ferried flying on the Great Circle Route to Prestwick Airport, Scotland and other airfields in Northern Ireland. From there the aircraft would be modified for the weather conditions prevalent in Western Europe where they were flown by Eighth Air Force units on combat missions over Nazioccupied Europe.[2][3]On 5 March 1944, jurisdiction of Dow AAF was transferred from Air Service Command to Air Transport Command, being placed under its North Atlantic Wing. Over 8,400 aircraft passed though Dow in 1944, and approximately 2,150 in the last five months of the European conflict in 1945. After the end of the European war in May 1945, Dow was a stop on the return leg for aircraft returning to the United States, and remained part of ATC's North Atlantic Transport route for strategic air transportation between the United States and the United Kingdom.[1]The base was drawn down during the demobilization in late 1945, and placed in a standby status on 7 May 1946, being made a satellite base of Westover Field, Massachusetts.[1]Cold WarAir Defense CommandAlthough placed in standby status in 1946, Dow Field never was inactivated and the airfield continued to see ATC aircraft transit the field occasionally. First Air Force, Air Defense Command acquired jurisdiction from ATC in November 1946 and it activated the 14th Fighter Group at Dow, stationing P47N Thunderbolts at the airfield. Assigned squadrons were 37th, 48th and 49th Fighter Squadrons. The 14th Fighter Group (later wing in August 1947) was one of the first USAAF groups assigned to Air Defense Command. The unit was responsible for the air defense of the Northeastern United States.[1][4][5][6]In July 1947 the group deployed to Muroc AFB, California to conduct accelerated service tests with new F84B Thunderjets prior to acceptance. First operational production USAF F84Bs arrived at Dow AFB on 7 November; the last P84B was delivered in February 1948. Throughout the winter of 1947/48 the 14th Fighter Group lost three F84s at Dow. Findings indicated that the extreme cold weather at the base enhanced aircraft performance over what was found during testing in California, however as the temperatures moderated in the spring of 1948, accident rate remained high.[1][6]Dow Air Force Base was assigned to ADC's 26th Air Division on 25 August 1948 with the creation of ADC's first Air Divisions. Mission was daylight and fair weather defense of northeast United States from New York City north to Maine/New Brunswick border, shared with 52d Fighter Group (AllWeather) at Mitchel AFB, New York which flew F82 Twin Mustangs for night and inclement weather operations.[4][7]In July 1949, the 14th Fighter Group sent sixteen F84Bs to New York City for flyover display at newlyopened Idlewild Airport, however it was inactivated on 2 October 1949 due to budget cutbacks.[1]With the activation of the 14th FW in late 1949, the facilities at Dow AFB were greatly expanded and completely rebuilt. A long jet runway was laid down parallel to the wartime main NW/SE main runway, and a permanent Air Force Base was built on the north side of the World War II and prewar facility. The former World War II base facilities were abandoned and later were torn down. Today they are a wooded area on the southwest side of the airport.[1]The new Dow Air Force Base was activated on 1 January 1951. The 4009th Air Base Squadron was assigned to the base to support the existing base facilities, and supervise the ongoing construction of the base facilities still not yet complete.[1]The first use of the new Dow AFB was during the Korean War, as the Maine Air National Guard was federalized and brought to active service at the base. The 101st FighterInterceptor Wing activated two F80C Shooting Star interceptor squadrons (101st FIS, 132d FIS) which were placed under ADC's Eastern Air Defense Force. In 1952 with the ANG squadrons being returned to state control, ADC activated the 49th FighterInterceptor Squadron at Dow.[1][5][7]The ADC 32d AD also activated several Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons (128th (WI ANG), 679th, 765th), which were Ground Intercept Radar units. These squadrons were formed at Dow, and later deployed to new radar stations being constructed in Maine which were equipped with longrange radars and then directed the interceptor aircraft at Dow to unknown aircraft which entered their coverage.[4][8]On 9 September 1952, Military Air Transport Service Atlantic Division at Westover AFB activated 83d Air Transport Squadron (1600th Air Transport Wing) to Dow AFB as a tenant unit. This was done primarily to relieve overcrowding. The 83d ATS operated C54 Skymasters from Dow, and its primary mission was to support Northeast Air Command bases and radar stations in Newfoundland and Labrador, Baffin Island, and Greenland. It was reassigned to the 1610th Air Transport Group at Grenier AFB, New Hampshire effective 1 July 1953, however, on 29 May 1953, the eight C54s of the 83rd ATS departed in a permanent change of station.[1]In November 1952, jurisdiction of Dow AFB was officially transferred from ADC to Strategic Air Command (SAC). The ADC units remained at the Mark Ingram Jersey base in a tenant status for a few years, until the 49th FIS was moved and placed under the 4707th Air Defense Wing at Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts in November 1955.[1][4]ADC returned to on 1 June 1959, when the 30th Air Defense Missile Squadron was activated 4 miles northnortheast of the base, equipped with 28 CIM10 BomarcA liquidfuled surfacetoair missiles. Also that month, the 75th FighterInterceptor Squadron which was moved from the closing Presque Isle AFB, Maine to Dow to keep interceptors in Maine. The Bomarc missiles remained active until 15 December 1964 when they were inactivated due to limited funding The 75th FIS remained until April 1968 when Dow was inactivated.[4][9]The SAC 506th Strategic Fighter Wing was activated at Dow on 20 November 1952 and was assigned to SAC's Eighth Air Force. The wing composed of the 457th, 458th and 462d Strategic Fighter Squadrons and was equipped with F84G Thunderjets. SAC was founded by men who had flown bomb raids against Germany during World War II. They usually encountered swarms of enemy fighters and knew the importance of having fighter escorts, so they had fighter wings placed under their own operational control. Although assigned to SAC, the group was associated with the ADC units at Dow.[4][5][7][10]The wing was deployed to Misawa Air Base, Japan between 13 August and 7 November 1953 to support SAC's rotational deployment of fighter units to northern Japan to perform air defense duties, relieving the 12th Strategic Fighter Wing. Under the selfsupporting concept, the 506th SFW gained the KB29P Superfortress 506th Air Refueling Squadron on 23 September 1953. The 506th ARS remained with the wing until 1 March 1955. Upon the wing's return to the United States, the 506th was reequipped with new F84F Thunderstreaks, in January 1954 becoming the first SAC fighter wing to be equipped with the sweptwing Thunderjet model. The wing remained at Dow for just over a year until being reassigned to Second Air Force and was transferred to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma on 20 March 1955.[1][10]The escort fighters were replaced by the SAC Eighth Air Force 4060th Air Refueling Wing, activated on 8 March 1955. Equipped with KC97 Stratotankers, the 4060th was a provisional organization with a mission to support B47 Stratojet deployments to Europe and Morocco, with air refueling taking place over the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, during the late 1950s, SAC extended the runway at Dow to 11,000' and alert pads were constructed at the end of Runway 15.[5][10]On 15 February 1960, SAC established the 4038th Strategic Wing at Dow as part of SAC's plan to disburse its B52 Stratofortress heavy bombers over a larger number of bases, thus making it more difficult for the Soviet Union to knock out the entire fleet with a surprise first strike. The wing consisted of the 341st Bombardment Squadron, consisting of 15 B52Gs, and the KC135equipped 71st Air Refueling Squadron. Half of the aircraft were maintained on fifteen minute alert, fully fueled, armed, and ready for combat. SAC Strategic Wings were considered a provisional unit by HQ, USAF and could not carry a permanent history or lineage.[10]The 4038th SW was redesignated as the 397th Bombardment Wing (397th BW) on 1 February 1963 in a nameonly redesigation and was assigned to SAC's Eighth Air Force, 6th Air Division. The 341st BS was also redesignated as the 864th Nike Mark Ingram Jersey Bombardment Squadron, one of the unit's World War II historical bomb squadrons. The 71st ARS designation was unchanged, and component support units were also redesignated to the 410th numerical designation of the newlyestablished wing.[10]The 397th Bomb Wing continued to conduct strategic bombardment training and air refueling operations to meet operational commitments of Strategic Air Command, including deployments to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. By 1968, Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) had been deployed and become operational as part of the United States' strategic triad, and the need for B52s had been reduced. Mark Ingram Jersey Ebay In addition, funds were also needed to cover the costs of combat operations in Indochina.[10]

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2013-Oct-28 - With their primary objective of improving

Bears prep for Day 2

With their primary objective of improving the offensive line out of the way, Jerry Angelo can focus on filling his team's other needs during Day 2 of the draft on Friday. That means the Bears general manager will be looking for defensive tackles, linebackers, receivers and perhaps another offensive lineman or two.

Gabe Carimi's teammate at Wisconsin, guard John Moffitt, would be a welcome addition, as would Georgia guard Clint Boling and Penn State center Stephen Wisniewski, among others.

"It will be a challenge tomorrow, much more than today," Angelo said. "Today we knew there would be a lot of quality players on the board. Tomorrow is going to be much tougher than it was Nike Malcolm Jenkins Jersey today, certainly. There are players we like very much but not the numbers. In any draft you have to have some luck. No matter how much you work or how much time you put into it, some people have to fall to you. We had a little luck today with our firstround pick."

Defensive tackles Marvin Austin of North Carolina, Stephen Paea of Oregon State and South Florida's Terrell McClain remain undrafted. Receivers include Boise State's Titus Young, Kentucky's Randall Cobb and Maryland's Torrey Smith.

"One of the primary game plans was go get an offensive lineman and then hopefully we'll have some options," said Angelo, who also admitted his was one of the most challenging drafts of his career. "We'll regroup tomorrow morning, restrategize and go over the board one more time. We'll have options. We're not fixated on any one position. We're really fixed on taking players we like that we feel comfortable with and we feel can come in and help our football team win. Malcolm Jenkins Black Jersey We're not basing it on perception or trying to be cute. You can't do that in this draft."

Linebackers capable of playing in the Bears' 43 defense are plentiful and include former Malcolm Jenkins Jersey Ebay Simeon High and Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson, who has the kind of speed the Bears covet at that position.

Great day 1 for Angelo and co, Gabe Carimi is one of the better players Chicago could have gotten, I can't believe he slipped to 29. Watts in practice), and won the Outland Trophy. Carimi was a unanimous first team AllAmerican who had 49 career starts for the Badgers at left tackle. He'll be a great addition to go along with last years 7th rounder J'Marcus Webb.

I think a major reason Carimi slipped was the run on quarterbacks, and the run on QB's was due to no free agency and teams not being able to land a QB free agent wise. I mean most of these QB's that got drafted in the top 12 were 2nd3rd round prospects. Especially the player our neighbors to the north the Minnesota Vikings went with in Christian Ponder?? So it was a little luck that Carimi slipped, but I loved the fact Angelo tryed to trade up for him.

Tonight I look for Chicago to go after a 3technique, maybe Drake Nevis of LSU? Nevis makes a living in the opponents backfield, Nevis has 31.5 career tackles for loss, and was 7th in the SEC with 13 last season. He'd be a great Malcolm Jenkins Jersey addition. But I tell you what, I'd love for Penn States Stefen Wisniewski to slip, Carimi did, so maybe? I'm thinking DT in the 2nd, and maybe a receiver like Nebraska's Niles Paul, who has the size, 61 224lbs, Chicago lacks at receiver and is an ace kick and punt returnman, just a guess now GO BEARS!!

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2013-Oct-28 - Bellefontaine Air Force Station

Bellefontaine Air Force Station

Bellefontaine Air Force Station was one of twentyeight stations built as part of the second segment of the Air Defense Command permanent radar network. Prompted by the start of the Korean War, on July 11, 1950, the Secretary of the Air Force asked the Secretary of Defense for approval to expedite construction of the permanent network. Receiving the Defense Secretary's approval on July 21, the Air Force directed the Corps of Engineers to proceed with construction.The 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron was assigned to a temporary site at Lockbourne AFB (L22) on 1 January 1951 with an AN/TPS1B radar. In April 1952, the site at Bellefontaine became available and the squadron was moved. At Bellefontaine, the 664th turned on AN/FPS3 and AN/FPS4 radar sets, and initially the station functioned as a GroundControl Intercept (GCI) and warning station. As a GCI station, the squadron's role was to guide interceptor aircraft toward unidentified intruders picked up on the unit's radar scopes. In 1958 the 664th was operating AN/FPS20 search and AN/FPS6 and 6A heightfinder radars.During 1959 Bellefontaine AFS joined the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Nike Lance Moore Jersey system, initially feeding data Lance Moore Jersey Ebay to DC06 at Custer AFS, Michigan. After joining, the squadron was redesignated as the 655th Radar Squadron (SAGE) on 1 September 1959. The radar squadron provided information 24/7 the SAGE Direction Center where it was analyzed to determine range, direction altitude speed and whether or not Lance Moore Black Jersey aircraft Lance Moore Jersey were friendly or hostile. The search radar was upgraded and redesignated as an AN/FPS66 in 1961. On 31 July 1963, the site was redesignated as NORAD ID Z73.In addition to the main facility, BellefontaineAFS operated the following AN/FPS18 Gap Filler site:Richland Center, IN (P73J) 410705N 0861428W / 41.11806N 86.24111W / 41.11806; 86.24111 (P73J)Located atop "Mount Nebo", the site was transferred to Bellefontaine AFS when Custer AFS, MI (Z67) closed in June 1965. The gap filler was closed in June 1968.By 1966 the site was using an AN/FPS27. The 664th was deactivated in September 1969 due to budget reductions in ADC and the perceived low threat of an air attack on Lockbourne AFB. Today, the site had been redeveloped as the Ohio HiPoint Career Center. Many of the former USAF buildings are still in use.

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2013-Oct-28 - Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany stops by for a quick chat

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany stops by for a quick chat

On being in this business while college Jonathan Vilma Jersey Ebay sports are changing: you don like change, Nike Jonathan Vilma Jersey you wouldn like this job. Change is a constant, and it always been a constant. There even more movement today. We Jonathan Vilma Black Jersey all in a wholly different environment from what we were even 10 years ago. We have an incredibly popular game. That the good news. The bad news is we under scrutiny and a lot of regulatory systems that are in effect today were in Jonathan Vilma Jersey effect in 1975. Some of us have more resources and would like to do more. We still think we in the college sports and education business. We not in the professional business. But a lot of us think we could do more for the athletes than we do.

On whether the league will expand beyond 14 teams after Maryland and Rutgers join next year: done for now. We 100 percent working with Rutgers and Maryland to build schedules. I thought we were done at 11. We were there for 20 years, so we weren triggering change. We sat comfortably at 11 not that 11 is a great number to schedule with but we did, and then the world changed a bit. Most people went to 12. That led to Nebraska, and we settled in again. Expansion continued and so we thought it was important for us to be in two regions.

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2013-Oct-28 - Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson breaks tackles to score

Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson breaks tackles to score

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